Clearings to Help In Drawing Healthy Boundaries.

The re-evaluation and reconfiguration of relationships (and the implicit and explicit agreements governing them) seem to be a matter of priority and urgency for a lot of people right now. In recent weeks, the subject of boundaries has come up frequently in my client sessions. Consequently, I thought I would offer here a collection of the clearings that … Continue reading Clearings to Help In Drawing Healthy Boundaries.


Clearings To Help With Creative Inspiration And Flow

Anyone who has persevered in the arts (or healing, sports, or any such area of devoted interest) acknowledges the need for dedicated learning and intense practice.  We know that we need to master the skills and build the muscle memory and strength at the mind-body level. Yet, to take things to the next level, repetition … Continue reading Clearings To Help With Creative Inspiration And Flow

Wait No More

The roots of what troubles us are often deeply hidden from our conscious understanding.  These may sometimes be ancient, including emotions and beliefs that we have inherited from our ancestors or the collective. I discussed this in more detail at Individual Clearings and Collective Consciousness. Awareness of what is really going on within us and … Continue reading Wait No More

A 5 Minute Exercise To Reclaim Peace

Healing is a return to wholeness, an experiential understanding of our expansive nature.  To become one with this present moment, without any resistance, can be a deeply restorative process. Here is a simple, effective and powerful energy exercise that can bring you immense peace and lightness in less than a couple of minutes.  Do keep … Continue reading A 5 Minute Exercise To Reclaim Peace

Tools for Empaths

The requests for guidance with managing waves of emotions and sometimes inexplicable overwhelm have been rising in recent times.  Energetically sensitive people feel affected by the collective energies and with all the calamities and changes in the collective and at individual levels, there is often turbulence in the air.  I have been sharing these tips … Continue reading Tools for Empaths