A Stitch in Time

In ‘The Future of Competition’, authors C.K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy proposed that value will be increasingly co-created by the firm and the customer, rather than being created entirely inside the firm.  A chapter in ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ by Bruce Lipton presents a strong case for how Collaboration and not Competition is the way forward.  C.K. … Continue reading A Stitch in Time

The Pause Diet – for Joy and Peace

The Pause Diet is elegantly simple.   Not only is it highly relevant to mindful eating, but its use can easily be extended to bring checks and balances into other areas of our life. In our hectic, distracted routine, food is often given extreme treatment.  That is, we either over-indulge or pay scant attention to what … Continue reading The Pause Diet – for Joy and Peace

When there is too much to do…

‘You got so much to do... and only so many hours in the day’ ~ Billy Joel Having too many things to do and feeling overwhelmed? Well, so was I.  I tend to be enthusiastic in saying 'Yes' and keep taking up new responsibilities.  With the year end coming up – there seems to be … Continue reading When there is too much to do…

Changing your Calling Card to – ‘Meet the Real Me’

‘Cell numbers will now have portability from November 1st’.   So many people have been waiting to change their service provider, but were reluctant to let go of their existing numbers.  The inconvenience of informing others of a change in what has come to be a part of our very identity has kept many unhappy customers … Continue reading Changing your Calling Card to – ‘Meet the Real Me’

Road Map to Personal Peace

In today’s world of short attention spans and habituated need for instant gratification, many people struggle to find peace and happiness.  I frequently meet clients or friends who find themselves in occupations and lifestyles that are making them unhappy, stressed or frustrated. Often, they have taken on loans or other responsibilities that make them feel … Continue reading Road Map to Personal Peace

Light House

I find the 'Light House' to be a versatile metaphor.  Today,  I feel able to share a personal anecdote about how it's symbolism grew in significance for me. Six years ago, I was consoling my sister. Sameer had just passed away and the amazing and loving person that he was, he left many of us … Continue reading Light House