How To Release Negative Anticipation And Relax.

A difficult life can gradually cultivate an anxious expectation or negative anticipation in the mind and body. While resistance is the primary cause of our suffering, dread only adds to and perpetuates our stress. 

In 16 Clearing Statements To Address The Self-Sabotage of Inevitabilitywe looked at the belief systems underlying an anticipated difficulty, as also their consequences. There was a tacit acknowledgement there that our thinking was coming in our own way and the tools suggested there were a means to solve a specific, clearly identified  and problematic belief.

Here I would like to focus on a more generalised habit that we may have acquired: A readiness for suffering that is far more deeply ingrained, often unconscious and is likely fuelled by countless experiences and multiple reasons.

How to recognise whether you are affected by it:

  • Observe the body:
    Sit silently, undisturbed for a few moments.  Breathe easily.  Pay attention to your breathing and your body.  You may notice a stiffness in the spine, shoulders or at the back of the neck, a tightness in the muscles, or shallow, fast breathing.  Those who have dealt with a lot of challenging situations and traumas(big or small) may feel such symptoms more strongly. Once it is noticed, you realise that it feels as though the mind -body is bracing itself against an unfathomable, approaching storm.
    (You can test this further by allowing your thoughts to float towards a future time or upcoming event. Your mood may dampen, and overall a sense of effort or heaviness may show up for no particular reason. The stiffness, tightness or pain may aggravate. Any of this could be mild, or acute.)
  • Observe your thoughts and emotions:
    There is a fear of being disappointed, worry and a tendency to imagine all that can go wrong rather than what can go right. Despite positive thinking or manifestation exercises, you may be a persistent, nagging doubt that cautions you not to get too hopeful or invested. It may also show up as an underlying current of fatigue, helplessness or sadness. Life seems more uphill than not.

It is as though a ‘fight or flight’ response is no longer situational, but has become a default state. Our mind-body has got locked into a preparedness for battle.

How to release such dread:
Becoming aware of this anxiety and tension in the mind and body is the first step.  This, in itself, starts shifting our energies and thoughts. Along with a mindful watch on our recurring thoughts, addressing this in the body is also important.
We can further the process by pairing our conscious intent to release this negative anticipation with one or more of these simple options:

  • Heart Focus: Sit straight and take your attention to your heart and breath. Imagine as though you are breathing in and out of the heart.  As you breathe mindfully,  do any one or all of the following:
    • Inhale deeply and intend, “I release all resistance to whatever is unfolding.” as you exhale completely. Repeat until you feel relaxed.
    • Place both hands over your heart and say, “It’s okay to feel this way.” (3-5 times).  After that repeat, “It’s okay to let it go now.” (3-5 times)
    • Place both hands over your heart and repeat softly and slowly, “I am safe. I am okay. It is safe to relax now.”(3-7 times)
    • Focus your thoughts on anyone or anything that invokes love or appreciation in you.  Continue these till you feel yourself relax completely.
  • Shift Your Position: Notice which part of the body feels tight/tense and move it slightly to a position that is more comfortable.  It’s surprising how much energy goes into holding that tightness and the ease that can show up with such conscious movements. If you are the type that tends to get lost in thought or the activity on hand, make such 5-second breaks a regular habit.
  • Stretch The Body: Basic stretching exercises combined with the intention of emotional release affect not only the body but also the mind, emotions and energies.  Meridian stretches and Surya Namaskars are particularly effective.
  • Psoas Muscle Clearing:  Lie down on your back with knees bent and feet about a foot and half apart. Let the knees fall together lightly and comfortably.  Place your palms flat on the two sides of your abdomen, just off the centre of your body.  Your hands will be roughly parallel to the line joining the thighs and abdomen, as though cupping the abdomen area. Now hold the intention of releasing the pent up emotion you have identified.  You may begin to notice energy moving below your palms.  If heaviness shows up anywhere else, stay in the same position, but move your attention to the disturbed part of the body.  Now imagine a grounding cord running down from the base of your spine and another from the soles of your feet to deep down in the centre of the earth.  Imagine that everything that needs to leave you is passing out through these cords.Repeat as often as you feel the need.
    (I have combined several approaches into the above exercise and most people I have shared it with find it to be particularly powerful. I highly recommend it as a daily practice.)
  • Energy Exercise: Cross your arms into the Cooks hook-up, and follow these commands: “Feel it strongly as you can, as clearly as you can, until you just can’t feel it anymore.” Repeat 2-3 times, until you feel calm.
  • Visualisation:  Imagine golden white light flowing down through the top of your head and filling the entire body. Intend that it clear out all distressing cellular memories and replace them with a soothing calm.  Take your time as you scan through the body, ‘lighting up’ any areas of heaviness or darkness.  See this light flowing down, out from the soles of your feet, deep to the centre of the earth.

Any and all of the above can move you from an apprehensive tension to feeling easeful and refreshed instead – within minutes.

For additional help, here are some relevant posts:

PS: In the event that you are facing a full-blown panic/anxiety attack, try one of these:

  • Hold your breath: Hyperventilation implies you are taking in too much oxygen without releasing adequately. Hold your breath for a period of ten to fifteen seconds, relax and repeat this a few times. You could also cover your nose and mouth with a paper bag and breathe in and out of it for a few minutes. This restores the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance in the lungs.
  • Deep Diaphragmatic breathing: Slow, deep breathing right down to the bottom of the lungs, such that you feel your abdomen rise up noticeably. Breathe through the nose, with a longer out-breath than in-breath. (Count in your mind to 7 as you breathe in and to 11 as you breathe out). 
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT is excellent for calming the system down.  Learn more at my website or get my book: Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  • Mathematical Exercises: I have seen this work remarkably well.  It shifts attention away from the stressor and activates a different part of the brain. Try solving for the square root of a large number or multiplying large figures.

I trust that one or more of the above will help alleviate your stress and bring in more peace and clarity.

If you find any of the above useful, please do share it forward.  
We live in taxing times and most of us could benefit from a little relaxation.

Updated on December 8th, 2016:

Came across a few interesting 60-second suggestions for deep relaxation in a talk – ‘NeuroWisdom 101‘, by Mark Walden. Adding some of those below:

  • Begin yawning deliberately and slowly stretching your body.  Whatever speed you are stretching at, keep halving that until you are moving as slowly as possible.  There is a growing awareness of each muscle movement, while the ‘fake’ yawning begins to induce genuine yawns.  These give the brain opportunity to pause its thoughts and rest.  Within 60 seconds, one can feel the growing relaxation of mind and body.
  • Run your fingertips slowly down the inside of your other palm, taking 20 seconds to go from the fingertips to the wrist.  MRI scans indicated that this stimulates parts of the brain that deal with self-awareness and self-confidence. You can use this to calm yourself before meetings you are worrying about.
  • When feeling down, worried or moody, stroking the forearm slowly helps shut down negative emotional centres in the brain.
  • Concentrate as strongly as you can on the sound of a bell for 30 seconds. Listen as deeply as you can to whatever you hear.  Such intense concentrating shuts down a large part of the brain and hence, this kind of focus is an excellent strategy to manage ADD, procrastination and the wandering mind.


Are You An Earth Sensitive? and Why You Need to Know

6 Elements - Earth Healing Mandala - woven by Sangeeta Bhagwat

It takes only about 5 minutes of news to make the most resilient of us feel exhausted and dismayed.  Current world events, weather disruptions and mishaps seem to be growing in frequency and scale.  While some articles describing the traits of Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons have been doing the rounds, there is relatively less information available for Earth Sensitives.  For them, the current times can be overwhelming.  Even more so, if you do not even realize what is happening with you and why.

To me, labels have their limitations and I use all these terms more as pointers rather  than rigorous classifications.  My intent here is to provide some practical, useful  checklists for those who may have been seeking such support. I myself fit the descriptions of an Empath, HSP as well as an Earth Sensitive.

Previously, I have shared several Tools For Empaths.  I strongly recommend referring to that comprehensive article as well.  Here, I focus on those perceiving changes in the earth energies, weather, solar storms, water pollution and the like through emotions and sensations in their own body. Have you had any of the following symptoms for which there seems to be no apparent medical reason?

  1. Disturbed sleep patterns
  2. Restlessness
  3. Acute episodes of anxiety
  4. Inexplicable periods of fatigue
  5. Inexplicable and compelling need to rest or sleep
  6. Oversensitivity to loud noises or changes in temperature
  7. Sudden and acute feeling of heat or cold in the body
  8. Tingling of extremities
  9. Dizziness
  10. Sudden pain in particular body parts (often the lower back)
  11. Need to withdraw and go silent
  12. Yearning to connect more deeply with nature

This is not an exhaustive list as each one of us tends to experience different sensations.  But it does work as a pointer.  If you are an Earth Sensitive, in all probability, just reading this broad description of symptoms will trigger the knowing within you.  You can validate this for yourself by paying more attention to the timing, intensity, coming and going of these symptoms.

For many years now, because I know that my body is giving me an awareness of an earth event, when I experience any of my own symptoms, I look up earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, major weather events, solar weather and large scale disasters.   I include man-made disasters(accidents, acts of terror, war, etc.) in the scope of Earth Sensitives (and not just empaths) as these in fact hurt Gaia.  Now I can usually tell which of these is the trigger and roughly where it has happened before I find the news article.  I have tested this long enough to satisfy the skeptic in myself.  But it took a long while to understand, accept and address what is happening peacefully. So if you feel you are an Earth Sensitive too, here are my suggestions for self care:

  1. Learn to trust yourself:  Everyone who has a knowing is actually quite clear about it.  It is the mind that tells us all kind of doubting stories.
  2. Learn to discern: This is not in contradiction to the first.  It is a corollary.  You will experience sensations that are your own, other people’s and also the earth’s.  By being more mindful and open to the answer you receive, instead of judging and dismissing your intuition, you will build upon your ability to discern accurately. Access Consciousness offers some nice tools to help with this.  You can ask the following questions:
    1. Who does this belong to?
    2. Is it earth or someone else?
    3. What can I do with it? (*more on this later)

    Truth makes one feel lighter and more expansive while false answers make one feel heavy or constricted.

  3. Ensure you get frequent and regular earthing: The health benefits of earthing are significant for everyone but are especially important for earth sensitives.  Walking barefeet on earth, grass or the beach will help ground much of the energy.
  4. Ensure proper hydration: You are processing vast amount of energies and drinking adequate water is important.  Too many of us do not realize when we are dehydrated.
  5. Use Energy Balancing techniques: You can avail of any of the numerous tips provided in Tools For Empaths.  In addition, there are a few simple energy exercises that can be helpful.   Some of these are:
  6. Soothing music: Solfeggio frequencies or brain entrainment embedded music can be particularly helpful.  However, there is no rule.  Any music you are drawn to helps.
  7. Artistic Expression of all kinds is especially helpful when you feel a strong download of energy and it needs to be grounded(manifested) into the physical world.

Personal experience tells me that pretending the symptoms away does not work, neither does neglecting the information we are thus receiving. Which brings me to the promise of the title and the intent behind this post:

Why do you need to know if you are an Earth Sensitive?
You need to know, now, more than ever – because the Earth is calling for your support. 

The changes that the planet and the collective are going through are showing up through the extreme situations we witness globally today, as well as in our personal lives.  We have a part to play in this drama.  We can choose to ignore our knowing, play helpless victims suffering the experience, or choose differently:   We can honor our gifts by meeting the urgent need for loving attention from the planet.  We can do this by proactively supporting the processing of the energies in a way that benefits us all.

All the violence that we have inflicted on each other, on other beings and on the elements themselves has led to disrupted energies and trapped emotions in many places, as well as in ourselves.  Like cellular memories in individuals, these ‘memories’ tend to replay again and again.  No wonder we say ‘history repeats itself’.

Water plays a significant part in all this.  Just as our bodies are 70%-80% water, the planet also has a substantial component of water.  If you are not familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work, do have a look at the photographs of water crystals before and after prayers, to see the physical impact of both our neglect and loving attention.

While many healers, meditators and those convinced of the tangible benefits of practices such as TM and heart coherence have been actively working on releasing and balancing these energies in individuals, I believe that there is an equal need to focus our attention and intention on spaces and elements as well. 

Once you feel more balanced with some self care, and if you would like to contribute towards healing the earth, here are some ways:

  1. Follow Your Inner Guidance: To act on what you know is perhaps the most challenging part.  Because you may feel called to do things or be at places for which you can offer no rational explanation.  And sometimes, you may feel like you should be focusing your attention on an earth event, but you may be guided to ‘mind your own business’.  There almost seems to be an ‘assignment’ of events and the useful thing seems to be to address what you are ‘told’ to and not invite any more (or less).  I have been following guidance to go to certain places and do clearings, or activate energy grids.  But a great many hours have also gone in remote practice. You never know what to expect.  All I can say is that not listening worsens my symptoms, while honoring the guidance has led me to some amazing, awe-inspiring, synchronistic experiences that have totally validated my choices.
  1. Strengthen Your Trust: For me, the lesson in trust had to be learned before I received the assurance of validation.  For many years, there were self doubts (after all, in my other avatar I write stories!) and practically no way to establish if I was making any contribution.  But as the mind has quietened, the knowing has grown more certain and the trust is more constant.
  1. One Step At A Time: Frequently, the information and energies downloaded unfold through gradual revelations.  For example, you may feel drawn to a particular location without knowing why, until you get there.  It’s almost like a patient treasure-hunt.  Follow the clues and cues.
  1. Use Healing Techniques:  If you are familiar with any energy healing practices – apply those techniques to spaces, land parcels, water bodies, etc. Most of these can be done remotely, or at the location.  Many of them are easy to learn:
    1. Reiki, light or similar energy can be specifically directed towards these with the intention of clearing and healing.
    2. Join the Global Coherence Initiative that uses Heart Math techniques.
    3. Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) can be used for specific clearings. Eg. Videos from Brad Yates for the Oceans and Rainforest.
    4. NOW Healing – Elma Mayer shares a video for healing Urban Waterways.
    5. Emotion Code can be used to release trapped emotions in a land or site.
    6. Access Tools – Numerous questions and clearing statement for contributing to the earth are available. You can google for these.
    7. One particularly easy tool from Access is to say “Whatever the earth wants of me, I contribute now.” and shake both hands out vigorously (towards the earth) three times saying “1,2,3”.
    8. Those familiar with entity clearing can deliberately approach sites of conflict, deep rooted history, or where intuitively drawn and work to release these.
    9. Work with trees. This can be done intuitively.  For a detailed writeup click here.
    10. The Agnihotra practice is reportedly very beneficial for the environment. Learn more about it and see if it appeals to you.
    11. Ho’oponopono: The ancient Hawaain practice of taking 100% responsibility for the world you perceive and continuous repetition of the prayer “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”  ‘cleans the memories’ .  (For almost a year now, I have made it a discipline to repeat this prayer every time I use water – whether it be to drink, wash, or water the plants!  I deliberately shared this with a handful of friends, to ensure that I remain mindful in my practice and rarely do I lapse now. Sharing such a commitment  with others can be helpful in maintaining a practice.)
    12. Download the free New Vibes symbols from my site and charge your drinking water with these.
  1. Be Present: The bottom line is that if we are present, empty and available, what needs to happen, happens effortlessly.  So while the previous list is the more active or yang way to contribute, the yin way is simple (but most often requires a practice):
  • Wherever you are, become quiet and still.
  • If you are working on a remote location, take your attention there.
  • Notice the underlying presence.
  • Energies may move through you or you may feel deep stillness.  Either is fine.
  • Stay in awareness for as long as you feel called to.

Despite any chaos, whether current or historical, there is underlying grace waiting to be brought forth.  Be the one to see it and bring it alive.  As ACIM says, “It is impossible to see two worlds.”(more on that in another post).  I have found that earth grid activations and connections tend to happen spontaneously through us in this manner.  You may feel called to tend to these locations subsequently, by repeating similar follow-up sessions.

To conclude, I have focused on energy and awareness here, but this in no way takes away from the option of actions such as mindful consumption of resources, physically cleaning up spaces or actively participating in activities of organizations working towards a greener, more peaceful earth.

For those who have made it to the very end of this long article – I thank you for your time and patience!  Do let me know if you find this article useful or interesting, and please do pass it on to others as well.

The Earth needs all of us to be more aware and participative right now.  Please help in making that possible!


Earth Poetry

Tools for Empaths


The requests for guidance with managing waves of emotions and sometimes inexplicable overwhelm have been rising in recent times.  Energetically sensitive people feel affected by the collective energies and with all the calamities and changes in the collective and at individual levels, there is often turbulence in the air.  I have been sharing these tips in private and decided to share them here for the benefit of those who are looking for this material.

I understand that some of this may make no sense to a large amount of the population and may also provoke my Advaita – inclined friends to remind me of the value of ‘not doing’ and being.  I hold argument with neither and will not be responding to any comments along this line. I believe the most pragmatic thing possible is to be honest about where you are located on your spiritual journey.  So if you need a float to help when you feel you are drowning – so be it.  Once you remember you always knew how to swim – you can drop them.  Until then, do what is needed in the moment to stay afloat. It may seem like a lot to do, but it gets effortless with little practice.  The relief is so palpable, that it is worth cultivating the habits that resonate.

Once one is more consistently centered in oneness, the idea of separation, threat and defense are irrelevant and slipping into our ‘home space’, or rather out of the maya – results in more frequent states of calming harmony.  The longer term intention of moving into that awareness with regular meditations and inner work is recommended.  Love is all there is and that is all that is really ever required.  So anything that brings you to seeing and living from the heart is a practice that will benefit. Remember that love and fear cannot co-exist. But until you get into the swing of things, here are some useful options:

1.  Violet flame/Golden sphere visualization for protecting and holding your own space.  Advised before stepping into meetings and crowded spaces.

2.  Whenever you have a shower, intend that your aura is being cleansed of all foreign and negative energies as well.

3.  If possible, once in a while draw a bath or use a bucket – with a cupful of unrefined sea salt.

4.  Earthing is an excellent way to drain off stuff – barefeet  on sand/earth/sea.

5. Smudging with sage/dhoop, ringing bells, Mahamrutunjaya mantra playing in the background, or other healing music all help maintain a cleaner space.

6.  Declutter.  Clutter distracts.  Be careful of old stuff and things you bring into your space.

7.  Whenever an addictive urge comes up, run all the tests below and avoid succumbing to numbing distractions.  The short term relief comes at a heavy, long term cost.  Try to remain in awareness.  Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used to address cravings.

8.  Cut cords with anyone you suspect you have entanglements with, as soon as you can.

9.  You can call on a favourite angel, or ascended Master to help with clearing or keeping your space clean.   Archangel Michael, Christ, Dhwaj Kwal and Wyamoos, are particularly helpful in this area.

10.  Crystals like Smoky Quartz, Black Agate and Black Tourmaline are helpful.  Wash and clean regularly if used.

11.  Regular time in nature, with animals and alone.  Not only refreshes but also anchors in the awareness of your own ‘clean space’ and helps you notice when you pick up and need to clean.

12.  Whirling, Dance, Music, Exercise all help to move energies and keep them from stagnating.  Also helps undo any depression or fatigue.  

To be learned and practiced over the long term:

1.  Awareness is the key.  Center yourself and be fully present – claim your space.  Reconnect to source.

2.  Learn to tune in to the body and LISTEN to it.  You can use muscle testing, breath or simply notice if you are feeling light or heavy, expanded or tight.  Learn to notice anything that triggers you, whether it be a space, substance or person, and avoid if possible.  Don’t try to rationalize it.  You can’t take care of another if you are not taking care of yourself first.  If you choose to be around them, make sure you are connected to source.

3.  At the first sign of discomfort ask “Who does this belong to?” several times.  If it makes you feel lighter or saying “This is not mine” makes you feel lighter, than simply request it return to sender with elevated consciousness. (This is an Access Consciousness tool.)

4. If triggered, ask “Is there an entity?” and “Is there an astral entity?”  If yes, command to go to light.  If that doesn’t work, ask what they want and negotiate a solution.  Emotions are the bridge that connects – so clear any trapped emotions you become aware of with EFT or by holding the intention and running fingers from nose, over the head  to top of spine three times.  For those interested, recommend study and use of Emotion Code for finding and releasing trapped emotions. Overwhelm is one of the most common Trapped Emotions for empaths and you can always start with clearing that one.

5.  Other possibilities are resonance and inherited emotions.  Again, EFT, Emotion Code, or the Access Clearing Statement can be used to release any such emotions you find with muscle testing or dowsing.

6.  Work on clearing self of trapped emotions and fixed points of views.  These are the bridges – the hooks in us.  The less we have of these, the less chances of someone else’s stuff finding our frequency or attaching to us, as there is limited commonality.  So healing old wounds, letting go of judgments and rigid stances is actually important and useful, requiring ongoing consistent practice.

7. NOW Healing  The mid-line running from lower root chakra through the center and all the way up and above the crown chakra is like the controlling energy centre where you can “enter commands” by sweeping attention up this mid-line and making the statements.  Useful commands:

a.  ALIGN with Wholeness NOW. Or Reconnect with Source NOW.

b. ALIGN to own energies NOW

c.  Bring up all the information, emotion, energy, contributors, entities, etc… to be cleared in the field by intention and then run the command “DISENTANGLE NOW”.

d.  REPAIR Energy Field NOW


You can repeat any of the above (with sweep of attention up the center) as often as required till you feel done.

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.~ Dalai Lama

I hope and intend that some of the above suggestions will help a few readers find their inner peace, despite any outer storms. (If you find any of the above useful, please do share it with others.  Thank you.)

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11 Ways to Address Helplessness


I stopped reading newspapers in the morning several years back.  Instead of starting the day feeling overwhelmed, depressed and helpless, I felt it was better to have a quiet, meditative time that was centering and brought in my own contribution of peace to the world.

Stephen Covey’s model of how we need to focus our attention on our own Circle of Influence, within the larger Circle of Concern that we may have, appeals to my pragmatic nature. But in order to see clearly and respond appropriately, we first need to ensure that we are rooted in our own true nature, free of all the external noise that is distracting and blinding us.  Sometimes, it does not even seem possible to take any useful steps.  At such times, we could find ourselves succumbing to despair, unable to find a way forward.

Calm acceptance and embracing of “what is” comes with practice. While concurrently developing and strengthening our abilities for acceptance and implacable peace is advisable, here are a few basic steps one can always fall back upon in the immediate moment; to learn to breathe in what seems like a very restricted, impotent Circle of Influence and discover it is not that limited after all:

1. Tonglen Practise –  Not simply following your breath, but actually Breathing in Pain, Breathing out Joy.  There is a tremendous power in facing the troubles squarely and allowing them to transmute to a higher frequency with our attention.

2. Meditation – Benefits of  Meditation, Transcendental Meditation in particular, have been well researched and the studies have shown not only significant improvement in the health and well-being of the meditators, including decrease in anxiety, depression and pain, but have also associated TM with lowered crime and conflicts, and improvements in economics, social trends and quality of life.

3. Prayers – There is an immense restorative power in connecting with a higher Source.  While there are studies to show that those praying and prayed for have both benefited, there are also conflicting opinions.  However, for those willing to test their faith, personal experience may be a better decider for you, than other research.

4. Blessings – We put out ripples of energy with our every thought and you can always choose to make them waves of blessings.  If you need persuasion to try this, I  suggest reading Pierre Pradvervand’s book, “The Gentle Art of Blessing”.

5. Heart Coherence – The Heart Math Institute has been doing some wonderful research and compiling the significant benefits of consciously making coherent the electromagnetic field emitted by our hearts.  Their associated Global Coherence Initiative may also interest you: “GCI researchers theorize that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling, the collective response can modulate the activity in the earth’s field. Cases in which the event evokes negative responses can be thought of as a planetary stress wave, and cases in which a positive wave is created could create a global coherence wave. This perspective is supported by research at the Institute of HeartMath, which has shown that emotions not only create coherence or incoherence in our bodies, but, like radio waves, also radiate outward and are detected by the nervous systems of others in our environment.”  View the many free resources on offer at

6. Metta (Loving Kindness) – Another Buddhist practice, well detailed at “This meditation practice helps us to bring more harmony into our relationships with others, so that we experience less conflicts, resolve existing difficulties, and deepen our connections with people we already get on with.”

7. Deep Listening – Some of the deepest and profound healing happens spontaneously in the presence of a quiet, non-judgmental, attentive heart.  Start with listening to your self.  Then be available to another.  One of the most renowned cardiologists in Mumbai had told me, “More than half my work is done when I simply listen to my patient.  That’s what they really need and want.  Their hearts are in pain because they feel they have no-one to talk to.”

8. A Course in Miracles  is a text of great depth and wisdom.  If studying it is too challenging, you can seek strength in its summary: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” For those familiar with EFT, I recommend tapping in these powerful lines.  You will be amazed at the peace and  stillness they can bring.

9.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is most useful in clearing noisy thoughts and bringing one to peace.  Try my EFT for Overwhelm script.

10.  Access Consciousness – Posing the right questions can easily open up new possibilities for us and lighten us immediately.  To start with, test and see if what you are feeling is your own, or has been absorbed from elsewhere. Ask yourself, “Who does this belong to?” If simply asking this makes you feel lighter, it probably is not even yours. Keep repeating the question until you feel better.  Other useful and popular Access Tools are:

  • How does it get any better than this?
  • What else is possible?
  • What is right about this that I am not seeing?
  • What is good about this that I am not seeing?

Keep repeating these to yourself and you may be surprised at the new possibilities that emerge.

11.  Chanting – The benefits of focusing on the positive meaning and vibrations of chants like “Loka samastha suhkino bhavantu” (May all sentient beings be happy) are to be experienced to be understood.

The above are listed in no particular order of recommendation.  As you would have noticed, the approach ranges from effortless acceptance, with more emphasis on ‘being’, to active exercises that involves some ‘doing’.  I believe different paths work at different times for different people.  So choose whatever appeals to your beliefs and approach.

Know this – any return to your innate, default space of stillness – is a gift to the world. Because the outer world only reflects your inner space.

If you find any of the above useful, please share with others!

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The ‘New Beginnings’ Daily Meditation – Available for Download Now!

'New Beginnings'. Copyright Binu Fernandez

Stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, helplessness and hopelessness – all shut us down and close us off to new possibilities.  We feel stuck in this state and nothing seems to help.  This 15 minutes guided meditation has been designed to shift you out of such a state.  It helps you return to a harmonious, balanced space, where one is open and receptive to miraculous changes.   

GD and I prepared this track for a revolutionary program at Mastek   last year.  Not only were the words chosen with care, but several layers of subliminal clearings and energetic transmissions are embedded in the track.  Though the voice is GD’s alone, those familiar and sensitive to energies will notice my presence as well.

The meditation has received wonderful feedback and instead of the originally suggested 21 days, many of the employees continue to practise the meditation even now.  It’s been well over a year, but testimonials to its benefits continue to come in on a regular basis.

In these times of rapidly shifting energies and the numerous, severe challenges that many are dealing with, GD and I strongly felt that we should make the audio available freely to a wider audience.

So we invite you to download the free audio here.  You are welcome to share it with others.  In fact, we would encourage you to do so.

(Recommended listening:  At least once, every morning.  Preferably twice a day.)

Please do share your feedback with us. It would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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EFT Script for Overwhelm

“What’s good and new?”

Photo Courtesy: Binu Fernandez

EFT script for Overwhelm

Even those who are not empaths or sensitive to energies cannot help but notice that times are turbulent.   Changes are rapid, emotions are volatile and agility is the need of the hour.  If you feel like your plate is too full and life is dishing out more than you can handle, use this script to return to a balanced state.  Operating in haste, from anxiety or with knee jerk reactions will only accentuate the stress. If there is a conflict between the mind and the sensing/knowing, understand that you are moving towards a different way of operating – and the mind is simply trying to cope with fresh, additional inputs from an expanding awareness.  Allow these insights, because resisting them only leads to fatigue and confusion.

Clearing tools like EFT and a meditative practice are highly recommended at this point.  Drink plenty of water and rest whenever you need to.

Be kind to your self.  Take care of your self.

The following assumes that you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques.   You can refer to the one pager to get started and if you find it useful, you can always find more material on the net.  For a more thorough understanding, you may want to get hold of my book ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’.

Karate Chop: I don’t need to fix everything
It’s not my job to solve it all
Things are not imperfect
They are just beginning to evolve
Eyebrow: The way I look at things
Side of the Eye: Decides how I feel
Under the Eye: If I change my response
Under the Nose: Helplessness recedes
Chin: When I resist what is
Collarbone: I create doubt, fear and fatigue
Under the Arm: All my energy drains away
Top of the Head: There is nothing but dis-ease
Karate Chop: But when I accept the truth
Of whatever is right now
In that moment of non-resistance
I am able to see how
Eyebrow: Everything is perfect
Side of the Eye: And concurrently changing too,
Under the Eye: What else is possible
Under the Nose: What is it that I can now do
Chin: What energy can I embody
Collarbone: Who do I need to be
Under the Arm: So that I can think clearly
Top of the Head: Feel aligned in mind, spirit and body
Karate Chop: As I allow myself to relax
Knowing I am not alone,
That the universe is supporting me
I return to joy, ease and flow.

Repeat the above routine two-three times, rest a few minutes and drink some water.  Then notice how you feel.  Please do share your feedback.

All good wishes!

Photo Credit: Tanushree Vaidya