How To Release Negative Anticipation And Relax.

A difficult life can gradually cultivate an anxious expectation or negative anticipation in the mind and body. While resistance is the primary cause of our suffering, dread only adds to and perpetuates our stress.  In 16 Clearing Statements To Address The Self-Sabotage of Inevitability, we looked at the belief systems underlying an anticipated difficulty, as also their consequences. There was a … Continue reading How To Release Negative Anticipation And Relax.

Are You An Earth Sensitive? and Why You Need to Know

It takes only about 5 minutes of news to make the most resilient of us feel exhausted and dismayed.  Current world events, weather disruptions and mishaps seem to be growing in frequency and scale.  While some articles describing the traits of Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons have been doing the rounds, there is relatively less information … Continue reading Are You An Earth Sensitive? and Why You Need to Know

Tools for Empaths

The requests for guidance with managing waves of emotions and sometimes inexplicable overwhelm have been rising in recent times.  Energetically sensitive people feel affected by the collective energies and with all the calamities and changes in the collective and at individual levels, there is often turbulence in the air.  I have been sharing these tips … Continue reading Tools for Empaths

11 Ways to Address Helplessness

I stopped reading newspapers in the morning several years back.  Instead of starting the day feeling overwhelmed, depressed and helpless, I felt it was better to have a quiet, meditative time that was centering and brought in my own contribution of peace to the world. Stephen Covey's model of how we need to focus our … Continue reading 11 Ways to Address Helplessness

The ‘New Beginnings’ Daily Meditation – Available for Download Now!

Stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, helplessness and hopelessness - all shut us down and close us off to new possibilities.  We feel stuck in this state and nothing seems to help.  This 15 minutes guided meditation has been designed to shift you out of such a state.  It helps you return to a harmonious, balanced space, where … Continue reading The ‘New Beginnings’ Daily Meditation – Available for Download Now!

EFT script for Overwhelm

Even those who are not empaths or sensitive to energies cannot help but notice that times are turbulent.   Changes are rapid, emotions are volatile and agility is the need of the hour.  If you feel like your plate is too full and life is dishing out more than you can handle, use this script … Continue reading EFT script for Overwhelm