Superwoman – Would You Be Willing To Hang Up Your Cape?

While we may be infinite beings having a human experience, this does not bestow upon us the legendary superpowers we seem to expect of ourselves. Superwoman Syndrome is a term I have coined to describe the unending attempt of women determined to be the 'perfect woman-homemaker-career woman- (personal preference)' all rolled into one.  This is … Continue reading Superwoman – Would You Be Willing To Hang Up Your Cape?

Beyond All Excuses

Sometimes the obvious is the last to be seen. Take the case of our favorite scapegoats.  No, you would not see them for what they really are.They are so well disguised and rationalized, that it is hard to recognize that they are only our favorite stories of blame. It may be the job that you detest, … Continue reading Beyond All Excuses

S(he) who must not be named

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" said Shakespeare. And he was right.  The rose would continue to be what it is, regardless of what it was called. The question is would we appreciate it's beauty and fragrance as much? It is not a trivial question.  The extent to which we embrace, reject or … Continue reading S(he) who must not be named

Lifelines – and why we cut them off.

Three questions: First Question: Are you aware of what nourishes you? It may be soaking in warm silence with a loved one. Or laughing for no reason with a child. Perhaps honoring a calling like painting, or singing, writing or creating in some manner. Maybe its simply walking on the beach or watching a sunset. Or seeing a … Continue reading Lifelines – and why we cut them off.

Through the Looking Glass – seeing beyond the image

“You are as you are, an indescribable message on the air.” ~ Rumi Words have a way of trapping us into their confines.  They are a poor albeit beautiful attempt to communicate that which cannot be expressed, but only experienced.  The danger lies in taking them to heart and deciding that they speak the whole … Continue reading Through the Looking Glass – seeing beyond the image

Speak Up

Ever had thoughts and feelings that you wish you had the courage to express, but didn't?  Were you too afraid that you wouldn't be heard or wouldn't be understood?  Or was the relationship too precious to risk "rocking the boat"? I do not refer to an emotionally charged outburst, or any insensitive discourse.  What I … Continue reading Speak Up

Finding the way home

Finding my way to "Inner Peace" with Kung Fu Panda and friends turned out to be more entertaining then I had expected.  My sister was using her Navigator to help her with driving instructions.  I am more accustomed to using Google Maps and studying the directions beforehand.  So this constant interaction with the Navigator was … Continue reading Finding the way home

Really Short Stories: Time for Change?

He began, “I am terribly upset.  My boss is impossible.  It is time.  I must change jobs.” She softly asked, “Do you really want to change?” Taking the question as disapproval, he justified himself, “I do the best I can, but it’s never good enough.  I feel I should quit.” Her silence was discomfiting.  Dropping … Continue reading Really Short Stories: Time for Change?

Stepping Out of the Cage (With an EFT script)

I have seen that a growing number of people are now weary of playing the role of 'a victim'.  There are many who are willing, able and committed to shifting their perspective to an empowered, evolved approach.  They now wish to reclaim their own power and wholeness. The ‘blame game’ does nothing but make you … Continue reading Stepping Out of the Cage (With an EFT script)

Changing your Calling Card to – ‘Meet the Real Me’

‘Cell numbers will now have portability from November 1st’.   So many people have been waiting to change their service provider, but were reluctant to let go of their existing numbers.  The inconvenience of informing others of a change in what has come to be a part of our very identity has kept many unhappy customers … Continue reading Changing your Calling Card to – ‘Meet the Real Me’