The ‘New Beginnings’ Daily Meditation – Available for Download Now!

Stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, helplessness and hopelessness - all shut us down and close us off to new possibilities.  We feel stuck in this state and nothing seems to help.  This 15 minutes guided meditation has been designed to shift you out of such a state.  It helps you return to a harmonious, balanced space, where … Continue reading The ‘New Beginnings’ Daily Meditation – Available for Download Now!

EFT script for Overwhelm

Even those who are not empaths or sensitive to energies cannot help but notice that times are turbulent.   Changes are rapid, emotions are volatile and agility is the need of the hour.  If you feel like your plate is too full and life is dishing out more than you can handle, use this script … Continue reading EFT script for Overwhelm


My neighbours have been making a lot of noise this week.  Quite literally, they are bringing down their house.  In the bargain, the quietness of the street has become a faint memory. Just as the same words mean different things to different people, depending upon our state of being,  similar situations can provoke a different response … Continue reading Breakthrough

Inner Landscapes

An inner landscape artist.  Is there such a term?  Because I get flummoxed when I have to describe what I do.  Author, facilitator, life coach, healer – these are some of the terms I use lightly.  To try and keep it brief.  But the truth is that I do little other than tending to my … Continue reading Inner Landscapes

“To quit or not to quit? That is the question!”

Hamlet may have dealt with the more existential questions like "To be or not to be".  But in today's fast paced world of frequent change, the impatient and the restless often encounter the very real dilemma of whether it is worth continuing with the current path or is it time to throw in the towel. … Continue reading “To quit or not to quit? That is the question!”

“What’s good and new?”

A friend of mine introduced me to this question some years back.  Six of us had decided to meet regularly with the objective of supporting each other’s personal growth and evolution.  We frequently began each meeting with this question.  Each one would share a brief update on what had been happening in his or her … Continue reading “What’s good and new?”

Its a Brand New Day!

  With every breath we actually recreate our experience of the world.  But to be genuinely open to all possible miraculous happenings, we need to leave behind any conscious or sub-conscious fears and beliefs that history can only repeat itself. Yes, history does repeat itself.  The past will continue to haunt you in new ways … Continue reading Its a Brand New Day!

The Pause Diet – for Joy and Peace

The Pause Diet is elegantly simple.   Not only is it highly relevant to mindful eating, but its use can easily be extended to bring checks and balances into other areas of our life. In our hectic, distracted routine, food is often given extreme treatment.  That is, we either over-indulge or pay scant attention to what … Continue reading The Pause Diet – for Joy and Peace

When there is too much to do…

‘You got so much to do... and only so many hours in the day’ ~ Billy Joel Having too many things to do and feeling overwhelmed? Well, so was I.  I tend to be enthusiastic in saying 'Yes' and keep taking up new responsibilities.  With the year end coming up – there seems to be … Continue reading When there is too much to do…