Blinded by Familiarity

Do you see the same person in the mirror everyday? When you look at your close family and friends, do you see the same people everyday? To do that would be to deny the experience, growth and natural evolution that has been an ongoing process in one's life. Nevertheless, we tend to lock ourselves and … Continue reading Blinded by Familiarity

What Would It Take For You To Stop Playing Hide and Seek?

Think of any relationship that is important to you. Consider how much of your energy is devoted to seeking the other's approval, winning their time and attention and knowingly or unknowingly awaiting their validation for who you would like to be seen as.  Investing so much importance in their opinion of you, that all other … Continue reading What Would It Take For You To Stop Playing Hide and Seek?

Disentangling The Ties That Bind (with EFT)

Our relationships with our parents are particularly influential in our lives.  These often affect how we judge our self, our self worth and self confidence, as well as our other relationships. Yet, few of us pause to consider the ideal image of a mother/father/child we are unknowingly measuring our parents and self up to. And how … Continue reading Disentangling The Ties That Bind (with EFT)

Great Expectations

Ever been so engrossed in a movie that you were reluctant for it to end?  When you walk out of the theater, rubbing your eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight, you forget to clear the inner filters that have now invisibly been added in or modified.  Unless you have trained yourself to be vigilant … Continue reading Great Expectations

Reading Between the Lines

I have devoured books from an early age. However, there has been a significantly different quality to the reading experience in recent times. I may not be able to express it in so many words, but I feel I must make the attempt. Time seems to slow down.  The gaps between the words seem more … Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

11 Ways to Be Present to Another’s Vulnerability

If you are the kind that needs research to validate what common sense and your heart will tell you easily enough, then you may want to listen to Brene Brown's brilliant TED talk, 'The Power of Vulnerability'.  Her research from hundreds of interviews led her to a breakdown and  she went to her therapist and … Continue reading 11 Ways to Be Present to Another’s Vulnerability

Beyond All Excuses

Sometimes the obvious is the last to be seen. Take the case of our favorite scapegoats.  No, you would not see them for what they really are.They are so well disguised and rationalized, that it is hard to recognize that they are only our favorite stories of blame. It may be the job that you detest, … Continue reading Beyond All Excuses

Embodying Grace

One of the conversations that took center stage in GD's recent workshop revolved around the posture and hierarchy in relationships.  About how we can have conflicting needs and motivations wherein it becomes difficult to give or receive with ease.  Whether it is time, love, attention, knowledge, healing or guidance - we seem to have a need for both, … Continue reading Embodying Grace

S(he) who must not be named

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" said Shakespeare. And he was right.  The rose would continue to be what it is, regardless of what it was called. The question is would we appreciate it's beauty and fragrance as much? It is not a trivial question.  The extent to which we embrace, reject or … Continue reading S(he) who must not be named