For The Frustrated Seeker (EFT Script)

This is not the time to give up. This is the time to deepen our practises. I should be over this.I have been reading books, blogs and memes,Listening to podcasts, seeing videos,Taking workshops, personal sessionsSharing, venting, journalling...Meditating. I should be a pro by now.Akin to a buddha in a new skin.Untouched by troubles.Unfazed by change.Balanced … Continue reading For The Frustrated Seeker (EFT Script)

A Continual Work In Progress

Have you ever been able to craft something without having resources left over? Somehow, there is always more than one can discard without guilt, and yet its usually a little less than what the next creative endeavour demands. So off we go to add to our materials, only to find the cycle repeating itself at … Continue reading A Continual Work In Progress

Poems: This too shall pass

There will be moments when it seems hopeless Exhaustion has seeped in to the core You have done all that you think you could, And then also some more. There is no rock bottom, Falling through a never ending hell, Light seems a distant dream, You are too demoralized to care. Right when it seems … Continue reading Poems: This too shall pass

“To quit or not to quit? That is the question!”

Hamlet may have dealt with the more existential questions like "To be or not to be".  But in today's fast paced world of frequent change, the impatient and the restless often encounter the very real dilemma of whether it is worth continuing with the current path or is it time to throw in the towel. … Continue reading “To quit or not to quit? That is the question!”