22 Journalling Prompts/Clearings To Enable A Fresh Start

Year-ends provide a good excuse for review, reflection and redirection.  We become aware of the passing of time more deeply and hence tend to take stock and re-evaluate our current ways. However, most reactive New Year Resolutions run out of steam in a few weeks and we fall back into old patterns. To truly make … Continue reading 22 Journalling Prompts/Clearings To Enable A Fresh Start

For The Frustrated Seeker (EFT Script)

This is not the time to give up. This is the time to deepen our practises. I should be over this.I have been reading books, blogs and memes,Listening to podcasts, seeing videos,Taking workshops, personal sessionsSharing, venting, journalling...Meditating. I should be a pro by now.Akin to a buddha in a new skin.Untouched by troubles.Unfazed by change.Balanced … Continue reading For The Frustrated Seeker (EFT Script)

Breaking Down Loneliness

Loneliness: A subject of deep vulnerability. Readily admitted to by some and a secret shame for others. Even as social media has turned up the volume on comparison with our peers and our consequent need to appear(if not be) partnered and/or popular, it has oversimplified its cause as also its resolution. Hence, the more common … Continue reading Breaking Down Loneliness

The Story and Free Download of ‘S.O.U.L. – School of Universal Learnings’.

I recently revisited my 'S.O.U.L.' of 2010. This book more or less wrote itself, and like a young, inexperienced, and somewhat surprised mid-wife, despite my best intentions, I really did not know how to do justice to this book. I have never been good at marketing my various offerings, and certainly not on a large … Continue reading The Story and Free Download of ‘S.O.U.L. – School of Universal Learnings’.

Spiritual and Energy Tools To Help With De-Addiction.

In the recent weeks, I received several queries around addiction and hence decided to share some energetic clearings here. I felt that it was necessary to include some introductory material. But in doing that, the post has grown more inclusive than originally planned and also includes links to more related articles. For those who go through … Continue reading Spiritual and Energy Tools To Help With De-Addiction.

Notes For The Highly Sensitive Empath

"The test of a first-rate intelligence,” said writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, “is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Those on the path of self-inquiry often grapple with reconciling concepts of nonduality('not-two'/advaita) with the experience of individuality. Study of various religious and … Continue reading Notes For The Highly Sensitive Empath

What Does Surrender Mean To You?

When faced with a trying situation, ‘surrender’ is a common enough piece of spiritual advise that we give to ourselves or others. However, unless we have clarity on what this means to us, there is a danger of it being reduced to a meaningless cliche or a means of running from that which is inviting our … Continue reading What Does Surrender Mean To You?

Poems: Heart Light

Below layers of anger Feigned indifference, Deeper, under bandages That became thick walls, Seemingly permanent skins Remain grief, sorrow, hurt. Wounds, some still bleeding. But beyond that Tremulously survives Raw vulnerability Rarely allowed, or seen Not the fearful end of things: Only a translucent cover, Pure, sheer light Successfully veiling. Unwrap slowly Layer after layer … Continue reading Poems: Heart Light

Poems: 108 Words

Welcoming all there is The turbulence, the churning The turning upside down Inside out Of what 'I' thought as ‘you’ Drawing it all Into the One embrace That finally dissolves All ideas of two That restful place Where the highest crests And the lowest troughs Return The steady, quiet, potent space From which once again … Continue reading Poems: 108 Words