Resigning From Playing Villain (with an EFT script)

Our relationships tend to fall into repetitive patterns. If you are unhappy or frustrated with any particular relationship, you may want to examine the habitual dynamics of it so that you can bring about a change with this awareness.  In Rules of Engagement - And Breaking Them I have shared about these patterns and control … Continue reading Resigning From Playing Villain (with an EFT script)

What If It’s Not All As Difficult As You Think?

I laughingly told a friend today that I stopped making plans a long while back. I found life had other plans. And it was much easier to go along with life's plans. But it has taken me a while to be able to say this so lightly.The truth is that there are moments when the … Continue reading What If It’s Not All As Difficult As You Think?

Disentangling The Ties That Bind (with EFT)

Our relationships with our parents are particularly influential in our lives.  These often affect how we judge our self, our self worth and self confidence, as well as our other relationships. Yet, few of us pause to consider the ideal image of a mother/father/child we are unknowingly measuring our parents and self up to. And how … Continue reading Disentangling The Ties That Bind (with EFT)

Superwoman – Would You Be Willing To Hang Up Your Cape?

While we may be infinite beings having a human experience, this does not bestow upon us the legendary superpowers we seem to expect of ourselves. Superwoman Syndrome is a term I have coined to describe the unending attempt of women determined to be the 'perfect woman-homemaker-career woman- (personal preference)' all rolled into one.  This is … Continue reading Superwoman – Would You Be Willing To Hang Up Your Cape?

Key Lies in Seeing The Root of Things

Based upon case experience, I am suggesting below a model of inquiry that may help you realize and release core limiting beliefs about yourself. Consider this: As a child you were promised an outing by your cousin. But at the last minute you were told it is cancelled.  You feel let down and disappointed, sorry … Continue reading Key Lies in Seeing The Root of Things

Rules of Engagement – And Breaking Them.

Elie Wiesel was right when he said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” More than the anger, criticism and tantrums, what can really hurt us to the core is disengagement.  The cold wall that blocks any and all interaction can leave one feeling betrayed and abandoned.  No wonder then that many close … Continue reading Rules of Engagement – And Breaking Them.

Winning Strategies to Loss Accumulators

Right from an early age, we all find ways and means to cope with the challenges that life brings our way.  Knowingly or unknowingly, we experiment with different responses until we find what seems to work for us.  So a child seeking his parent's attention may learn that throwing a tantrum often obtains the desired … Continue reading Winning Strategies to Loss Accumulators

Busy as a Bee?

Ever noticed the subtle, secret satisfaction derived in complaining, "I am just too busy to do that right now!"? Here, 'that' can refer to anything from having fun, taking care of your self, spending quality time with loved ones, learning anything new ... or just about anything under the sun.  We get locked into patterns … Continue reading Busy as a Bee?

‘You are here’ – mapping your way forward

The seduction of words can blind us to the dangers of the spiritual path.  With profound wisdom being readily available at your fingertips, and every conversation with a 'like-minded' friend on the 'same path' as you - it easy to believe one has realized the truth.  In reality, not everyone is able to translate the … Continue reading ‘You are here’ – mapping your way forward

At peace, here and now.

Not all stories have a neat ending. Not all the loose ends are satisfactorily tied up and a happy conclusion reached. But nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned and moments to be celebrated in the thick midst of the chaotic, often unpredictable events of life. During my many hours outside the dialysis unit of … Continue reading At peace, here and now.