Perhaps We Never Really Understand One Another…

I may be an intuitive, but I cannot claim to know exactly how you perceive the world. I may be an empath feeling the waves of emotions that you do, often with the same intensity and overwhelm as you, but I cannot know what those emotions lead to in your world.  At best, this degree … Continue reading Perhaps We Never Really Understand One Another…

Great Expectations

Ever been so engrossed in a movie that you were reluctant for it to end?  When you walk out of the theater, rubbing your eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight, you forget to clear the inner filters that have now invisibly been added in or modified.  Unless you have trained yourself to be vigilant … Continue reading Great Expectations

Contemplating the Stars

What can be better than the cool breeze on a summer night under the starry skies?  Dazzled by the city lights, we urban dwellers forget to look up.  If you don't have a park nearby, go to your building terrace.  And instead of looking down at the city.  Look up. The view may not be … Continue reading Contemplating the Stars

Writing – Why Bother?

As I eagerly await the cover design for my fifth book from my publisher, I am reminded of my first  book and the gumption it took to get it out there. "It's Your Life - A Practical Handbook for Chronic Ailments" was written from my firsthand experience as a primary caregiver for different members of … Continue reading Writing – Why Bother?