Finding the way home

Finding my way to "Inner Peace" with Kung Fu Panda and friends turned out to be more entertaining then I had expected.  My sister was using her Navigator to help her with driving instructions.  I am more accustomed to using Google Maps and studying the directions beforehand.  So this constant interaction with the Navigator was … Continue reading Finding the way home

Its a Brand New Day!

  With every breath we actually recreate our experience of the world.  But to be genuinely open to all possible miraculous happenings, we need to leave behind any conscious or sub-conscious fears and beliefs that history can only repeat itself. Yes, history does repeat itself.  The past will continue to haunt you in new ways … Continue reading Its a Brand New Day!

Road Map to Personal Peace

In today’s world of short attention spans and habituated need for instant gratification, many people struggle to find peace and happiness.  I frequently meet clients or friends who find themselves in occupations and lifestyles that are making them unhappy, stressed or frustrated. Often, they have taken on loans or other responsibilities that make them feel … Continue reading Road Map to Personal Peace