Keep The Faith!

Feeling stuck? Have dreams that seem to be put on pause?

Found an old note of mine.
Perhaps it will raise your spirits during these overcast days!

Remember the olden days when you had to hunt for that particular length of cloth – specific to what you had imagined, and hand it over to your tailor, trying to communicate what you sought?  

The hesitation, the suspicion, the wondering if he could ever execute your thought? 

And then the trials and fittings, the attempting to translate what each one saw and understood into a workable design.  

Until you finally arrived
At an end result that was beautiful.  
One of a kind.
A little different from what you expected, yet suited you just fine.

And you turned to the master craftsman, to whom you had entrusted your dream.
Finally seeing. 

This may have been your first suit. But he had stitched many more. 
He had not been inattentive, insensitive or unresponsive to your pleas – contrary to what you had felt before.
He had skilfully been putting together – with you – the joy and ease you now wore.

But the next time you had a dream
It all happened again.

How slowly we learn.
How easily we forget!

~ Oct 2015

Work in progress!

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