Colourful Tools To Uplift Your Spirits


Just as intellectual inquiry appeals at one time, simplicity appeals at another. Also, transformation now seems easier and faster than it has ever been before.

Art, the use of color, poetry, movement, and music can be particularly helpful, therapeutic and uplifting. These also provide many ways in which we can create simple anchors, that serve as catalysts to a more harmonious, clarified way of being.  Such cues can communicate a large amount of information through a single symbolic representation, speaking directly to our subconscious.

Here is a way to create and use your own personal visual anchor:

  1. Choose a word that describes a harmonious, expanded state of mind for you.
  2. List or mind-map as many words as you can that you personally associate with this.
  3. Assign weightage to each item, as per its significance to you.
  4. Make a colorful word cloud using paints/crayons/etc… or any app of your choice.
  5. Use this image as a poster, or a screensaver/wallpaper on your devices.
  6. Several times a day, take a short, mindful pause and be attentive towards this image.
  7. Whenever you feel the need, you can look at the image and assimilate it further using techniques like EFT(Tap on Karate Chop), or NOW Healing(Run your attention up your centre and Align to the image NOW).
  8. Acknowledge the immediate shift in your energy, mind, body, thoughts and emotions as this will further consolidate the benefits.

I created a few such pieces for friends and clients at .  Their positive feedback prompted me to share this post.  



The app Notegraphy, along with any photo editor, is also useful for attractive looking reminders or quotes, such as:



(WWIT= What Will It Take, a common phrase used by those familiar with Access Consciousness)


Enjoy the fun, creativity and lightness of playing with such tools for yourself and if you find it useful, please pass it on!  Thanks 🙂

Edited on August 1, 2015

One more way to use the tools (Google ‘Emoto Water Crystals’):

the cup runneth over

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