Poems: Remembering Wholeness

My job is to remember your Wholeness.
To sit in the dark with you
Knowing that there is light
Waiting to embrace you
That it has never left…
It may have got reduced
To the match in your hand
Or to the switch
That will draw open the blinds.
Or it may be glimmering dimly
As an instinctive understanding
Buried deep within your heart or mind.
It may be in the form
Of tears sliding down your cheek
Or in the voice stifled
Behind tightly clenched teeth.
However well it be hidden
It’s my job to seek it, and find.

My job is to remember my Wholeness.
To go beyond form, appearance and superficiality
However, this gives no guarantee
That I have never felt broken
Or forgotten how light gets disguised
As apparent chaos,
Inside, and outside.
It does not mean that I will never forget
Or never require another
To hold this same space for me.

My job is to remember our Wholeness.
And sometimes, you see
It’s just easier
To care for another so deeply
That all self-doubts and mind fogs
Are set aside
And even our most insistent
Nightmares and favourite dreams
Are willingly surrendered
Exchanged for the peace of clarity

Our job is to remember Wholeness.
Whether it be one at a time
Or together…
It’s all the same eventually.

For all roads lead home,
Whether I keep the loving attention
On the light within ‘you‘, ‘us‘, or ‘me
Mindfully walking
Any of these paths can set us both free.

Poems: Remembering Wholeness by Sangeeta Bhagwat, Serene Reflection

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