Clearings To Help Declutter And Stop Hoarding

Few amongst us have not struggled with ‘letting go’.
Though it be the natural order of things, whether it be people, beliefs, emotions, recurring thoughts or simply objects – many of us have a hard time in allowing things to come and go.

At the request of a client, I am writing this post specifically for the excessive acquiring and unnecessary holding on to of material possessions. Though endless cues encourage mindless consumerism and keeping up with the Jones, the fact is that we pay a heavy price for this at multiple levels.

Firstly, there is an avoidable, indulgent financial outflow. Then there is a crowding of our physical spaces. Sometimes, there is a lasting guilt or self judgement. For despite the momentary high, there can also be eventual unhappiness and helplessness for no object can fill the void you are trying to fill in this manner.

The consequent energetic stagnation and heaviness clutters not only our physical space, but also affects our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and choices. If one blocks flow by hoarding or cluttering habits, then stagnancy and stuckness will likely be experienced in other aspects of life as well.

Importantly, we can no longer continue to ignore the severe burden we are placing on the planet with these consumeristic, hoarding habits. Both, in terms of resources that go into the making, packaging, marketing and delivering of that item as also the landfill space or some other toxic disposal that it will eventually require, an individual’s careless indulgence is costing everyone in some way.

If you are looking to tidy up, like many others you too may find books, videos and the Netflix show by Marie Kondo useful. But some of us need to take a deeper look at what drives our needs to cling and add to stuff that doesn’t serve us.

With the clearing script below, I hope to offer a decent beginning to your decluttering journey. Additionally, I would suggest coming up with simple rules for your self to take this further. Here are some of mine:

  • I try to shop only when necessary. I know that may be difficult for most. In which case, every time you intend to pick up an item, ask yourself if it holds enough use for you to justify the expensive per square footage cost for occupying your home/office along with the eventual space taken up in an overflowing landfill.
  • Whenever I get something new, the same number of old items of same type(clothes, books, etc…) must be given away, sold or discarded. I feel this keeps the energy flowing along nicely.
  • Clean out a drawer/cupboard/room every month. Act as though you are moving house – that may help you make tougher discards.
  • Let your family and friends know your plan, so that you receive less unwanted or unnecessary gifts. Be thoughtful in your own gifting as well. A handmade item, homemade recipe or simply together time is often given and received with greater sincerity than expensive, namesake buys.

Of course, I also recommend doing the inner work that makes it easier for one to be content, grateful, comfortable with trusting the flow and so deeply connected within that one does not need to habitually control or cling. Using this script may make your underlying drivers more apparent to you and then you can search this blog for other relevant posts. Or contact me for a personal appointment.

You may either simply read the following script slowly and mindfully, or use it with the EFT tapping points (For more information on EFT, please see: If you choose not to tap along, please read at least thrice at one time. Repeat the process for a few days, until it feels complete.

I cannot let go of this.
It means too much to me.
It is dear and precious
And even if not today,
Someday it will contribute to me.
I will find use for it.
I will be prepared when that day arrives.
Instead of running helter-skelter
And finding nothing suitable at that time
I will save this. I will use this.
Its only a matter of time.
I am saving myself a future expense.
I am already invested in this.
Having held on for so long,
What can I do now, but argue and defend This,
This thing I inherited,
This was gifted to me
This I got because I was sad
And this because I was happy.
This reminds me of a dear one
This is my way of keeping them alive.
Even though others disagree,
Someday, they will realize:
This is valuable. This is worth its price.

Even though I say all that
The truth has been whispering inside:
I am not what I own.
I am not by my possessions defined.
They do not make me whole.
Nor will their leaving make me incomplete.
There are many things that one may want,
But it is helpful to receive
The flow of grace with empty hands…
Knowing that I am looked after,
And in any given moment,
I am given all I need.

The world is made of ten thousand things
And when I calmly think, I know
There is no way to prepare for them all
Or the entire universe to be controlled.
So I kindly embrace my inner self
And forgive its childlike beliefs
That it needs to hold on to any object or thing
In order to feel safe, loved or complete.

I thank these things for what they brought me,
For the temporary relief…
And I now give myself permission
To bless them and all that they meant to me,
To now cut cords, and set them free.
So that they can move on
To where they can provide
What someone else in that moment needs.

As I feel deeply grateful
To have had
To have received
And now been emptied
So that what is apt
Continues to easily flow

To and through me.

Allow yourself to rest quietly for a few minutes and notice any insights that show up before you resume other activities.
Also, please drink some water, especially if you have been tapping.

Do let me know if you found this useful.
(And if you did, please do share it with others!)

Let’s lighten up!

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