Poem: Forgiveness


First published on Facebook on October 31st, 2011

Forgiveness is not about condoning an act or behaviour,
It is not about deciding who was right or wrong.
It is not about inviting more of the same into your life,
It is about moving on.

Forgiveness is seeing that my expectations of you
Were unmet and the reason that it is so,
Is because no matter how reasonable these seemed to me,
It was actually an insistence that you live in accordance with my hopes.

In setting you free of my demands of how you should be,
I reclaim my own freedom within.
I notice all the anger, pain and hurt emptying –
Allowing a fresh, new beginning.

I choose to remember and respect the fact
That your life is yours to lead,
The person I truly need to make peace with is my self,
For being who I was in the past, and who I am now being.

Photo Credit: Raj Kashyap

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