A Continual Work In Progress

Have you ever been able to craft something without having resources left over? Somehow, there is always more than one can discard without guilt, and yet its usually a little less than what the next creative endeavour demands. So off we go to add to our materials, only to find the cycle repeating itself at the end of the next project again.

As one ripple ends…. another begins.

(Its also what anyone who has made chaat at home discovers. When you run out of chutneys, you still have the sev and puris. And when those are over, the chutneys are left!)

As I wove this table piece together with yarn leftover from a previous project, I found myself musing over how one thing leads into another on a routine basis. You would think that these innocent, innumerable reminders in our day to day lives would nudge us into a greater acknowledgment and acceptance of incompletion. Into understanding that our lives are like stories that are being written (and unwritten) all of the time.

Chapters may end, but as long as we are alive the book goes on.

When the house is built, the furniture has to be made. And when we are all settled in, its time to renovate as needs have already changed. The loan is paid off and another big ticket expense arises. The child has grown up, left home, got married. But now needs your help with the grandkids.
Yesterday we dealt with a storm. Today, we face a contagious virus. Tomorrow will bring something new.

Its always one thing after the other. That is the nature of life.
We keep promising ourselves a finish, a closure, reprieve or relief after a ‘completion’ or ‘achievement’. But the wheels of time keep turning. Seemingly, never arriving at that utopian milestone we seek.
Every end marks the beginning of a new phase of our journey. And every experience, good, bad or ugly – keeps adding to who we are, what capabilities we have(or lose) and an array of fresh possibilities.

Perhaps its time to accept that as long as we are alive, every time that one breadcrumb trail runs out, a fresh one will begin.
That as overwhelming as today’s problem may be – we have felt that way multiple times in the past – and gotten through each of them to reach here.
As also that for every desire that we set as our burning objective, how easily we found something else to seek once that one was achieved.
With such acknowledgment, we gain a more wholesome perspective of our present.
Finally arriving at a peaceful reconciliation with simply walking on. Just one step at a time. Easeful, flowing and energised – all at once.

PS: You may like to reflect quietly over the following questions, or use them with a clearing tool such as EFT or the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.
If you do, let me know what shifts for you!

  • What if we are never done?
  • What if I remembered that my current objective is only one of the many milestones I will choose over my lifetime? What would I do differently?
  • How much would change?
  • How much more calm, patience, resilience and lightness would I have?

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