An EFT Script for Women


Superwoman – Would you be willing to hang up your cape?” outlines some of the more common challenges that the modern woman faces.  I suggest some Access Consciousness tools in that post, and Aditi Surti was kind enough to add in some more on the same subject.

While awareness in itself can prove a decisive role in freeing us from our trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, I have found that powerful clearing tools like EFT, TAT, Access Consciousness, Now Healing, Emotion Code and so many others, can prove invaluable in accelerating the process of awakening to our true freedom.

I recently wrote an EFT script for a wonderful lady who was struggling with finding balance in her various roles.  Despite her achievements in her professional life, she felt she had let her family down.  Like others with the Superwoman Syndrome, she also felt uncomfortable with her own femininity.  While this script was written to address these two particular issues, I sensed that this was a useful script and could be relevant to many women out there.  Hence, I am sharing the same below.  You can personalize the script with any modifications that may be required, but I am quite confident that it will resonate with many of you as it is.

Unlike my other EFT scripts, which tend to rhyme, this one does not.  However, this script came out as a combination of various, intensive clearing statements that draw on my extensive experience with numerous modalities.  My client’s feedback confirmed that it helped her significantly and I hope it benefits others as well.

Please tap in a couple of rounds everyday on this script, for a week or until you feel complete.

Every healthy, well adjusted woman can be a pillar of strength not only to her family, but also to her community.  Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, if you can perceive the need and usefulness of this script, I earnestly request you to share it with others. When we support a woman’s return to wholeness, we support the healing of us all.

The following assumes that you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques.   You can refer to the one pager to get started and if you find it useful, you can always find more material on the net.  For a more thorough understanding, you may want to get hold of my book ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’.

(For a Marathi version of this script, please click here.)

Drink a glass of water and start tapping:

Karate Chop    Even though I have limited myself by believing that I can Either enjoy being a woman Or be a good (daughter/partner/sister/mother), I forgive myself

Karate Chop    Even though I have limited my reality by choosing an Either/Or paradigm, I can let it go now

Karate Chop     Even though I have been blocking my future by focusing on the past, I choose to see afresh now

Eyebrow     All the ways in which I have convinced myself that I cannot be both

Side of the eye     All the past experience, associations and accumulations of having let (parents/partner/sibling/child) down

Under the eye     All the guilt, fear, anxiety and concern over failing to be a good (daughter/partner/sister/mother)

Under the nose   All the cellular memories, auric imprints and future programs

Chin   That keep me locked in the paradigm of Either/Or

Collarbone   I release, uncreate, delete and destroy from all time and space now

Under the arm    I revoke and cancel all oaths, contracts, vows and agreements

Top of the head   That I have made with myself or any other around any of this

Karate Chop   All the conclusions, consequences, patterns and limiting beliefs that I have around being a woman

Karate Chop   All the ways in which I judge myself, block myself and disallow the natural flow of being

Karate Chop   All the habitual ways of punishing, limiting and demeaning myself, I uncreate, delete and destroy now, across all time, space and dimensions

Eyebrow   All the conditioning

Side of the eye   Beliefs, trapped emotions, ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ and ‘musts’ around being a woman

Under the eye   that I have inherited from ancestors or descendants, siblings, collective, entities, identification or conditioning

Under the nose   That prevent me from embracing my womanhood gracefully

Chin    That prevent me from honoring my own emotional, physical and spiritual needs

Collarbone   I uncreate, delete and destroy now

Under the arm  I allow myself to see, know and embody a new paradigm now

Top of the head  I choose the possibility of And now – that I can be a happy, healthy woman AND a responsive (daughter/partner/sister/mother) at the same time now

Karate Chop   All the ways in which I have concluded that I need to be unhappy for others to be happy,

Karate Chop   All the ways in which I have concluded that I need to be sick for others (parents/partner/sibling/child) to be well,

Karate Chop   All the ways in which I have bought into the ‘Martydom’ morphic field, I uncreate delete, destroy and disentangle from right now

Eyebrow   I forgive myself for sacrificing myself

Side of the eye   I forgive myself for neglecting myself,

Under the eye  I forgive myself for punishing myself

Under the nose   I forgive myself for believing I could sustain this in the long run

Chin   I forgive myself for choosing sickness, unhappiness and limitations for myself

Collarbone   I remind myself that I am worthy of love

Under the arm   I allow myself to love and be loved

Top of the head   I reclaim my wholeness now.

Take a deep breath.  Release.  Notice how you feel.

Would be more than happy to hear your feedback.

Image Kind Courtesy:  Marylou Falstreau (All rights reserved)

11 thoughts on “An EFT Script for Women

  1. A delicious dance of love across the experiential floor that is our human body. Thanks for such a meaningful share.

    Those that do the work and then make/take the time to turn and share what is found are priceless gems among us. Karate chop and deep bow left right here honoring you: xx


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and deeply cleansing script! I’d love to bring this to next week’s women’s circle if that’s all right with you! namaste

  3. Thank you!!! I’ve already started my daily bit….can’t tell you how its just shifting spaces within & around!! love you…….

    1. Thank you Jan 🙂

      Having seen the resonance in our work, I am happy to now have your articles to offer as additional resources to my readers and clients.

      Love and thanks,


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